Hotel guests are not only affected by what they see inside a hotel but what they see on the outside as well. A guest’s first impression about their upcoming stay comes directly from what they see outside the hotel upon arrival. Many arrive at their place of stay only to be greeted by the sight of a rundown structure, unattractive exteriors, and bad lighting, among other poor visual qualities. Now fixated on what else might be wrong with their stay, the guests enter the hotel with an uneasy mindset.

Even if the inside of the hotel and the services offered are vastly better than the exterior appearance, poor curb appeal can still negatively impact a guest's first impression of your hotel. The details make a big difference when it comes to improving your hotel’s curb appeal. But what are these details, and how will they ensure your guests have the stay they always wanted? Read on, as we look at the top ways to improve your hotel’s curb appeal.

Keep Up the Quality of the Outer Façade and Entrance

There are a few ways to upgrade your hotel’s exterior to maintain an attractive look and keep your guests coming back for more. This is one of the most important ways to improve your hotel’s curb appeal since the outer façade is the very first thing they will see. It is the first greeting that your business gives your guests. When they first drive up, you want your guests and potential visitors to see a building that is in good condition. The paint should look clean and pristine, without any severe peeling and discoloration. The best way to maintain this is to frequently check on the condition of the entrance and apply a fresh coat of paint if necessary. In some cases, you may need to repaint most of the structure.

A fresh coat of paint can also give the building a more contemporary color scheme, especially if the look is now outdated. Painting helps to hide various issues such as cracking in the walls, and it will help protect against discoloration from sun damage. Maintenance of this nature is much more practical and far less expensive than major renovations. Additionally, make sure to pay attention to the condition of the windows and walls, as well as the cleanliness. A good power washer can be extremely useful in maintaining a clean, attractive environment for your hotel.

Maintain Your Hotel’s Exterior Lighting

So much can be done to benefit your hotel’s look through the use of good quality lighting. Getting creative with your hotel’s exterior lighting fixtures helps achieve an attractive and specific atmosphere. Your lighting will present a lot about the feel of your hotel’s environment. Think about what kind of feel and design you want your hotel to present to your guests. You can utilize the number of lights, the lighting style, and various colors to achieve different atmospheres and aesthetics. A beautifully lit building will make people want to go inside.

Make sure the lights are all in good working order. If there are various lights burnt out around the building, the whole property may look a bit a run-down. Any signs for the hotel will be affected this way as well—a half-lit hotel sign looks very unattractive. You can also use lighting to reduce your hotel’s energy costs. Newer LED technology gives your hotel a more cost-efficient source for energy and is worth an investment to upgrade.

Create an Enticing Pool Area and Grounds

Keeping the hotel grounds and pool area up to quality is a pivotal aspect of maintaining an enticing hotel. Make sure the hotel grounds are constantly kept clean of any trash. Guests do not want to worry about accidentally stepping on garbage or avoiding cigarette butts. Hotel grounds that are pretty and inviting help visitors see that they are in a perfect place to relax. The pool is no exception to this. Not only does a clean, attractive pool area invite guests in, but it also lets them know the pool is safe. Pools with faded signs, cracked areas, and broken furniture do not give the impression that the area is up to code. You should replace faded signs as soon as possible.

None of this upkeep needs to be expensive. If a lounge chair is broken or needs to be replaced with an outdoor furniture replacement sling, there are great online retailers that can do it at a low cost. A beautiful, inviting poolside area is a wonderful hotel feature that brings guests back again and again.

Take Care of the Landscape and Parking Lot

You can show guests that the hotel they are staying at takes great pride in its property by maintaining a safe and clean parking lot and a well-manicured landscape. Parking lots can be damaged and torn up very easily over time, especially if you are in a location with a lot of traffic and intense seasonal weather. A torn-up parking lot filled with cracks and potholes will not help your business. This can also show a massive lack of safety, as torn-up driving spaces can create additional hazards that may increase the risk of an accident. Having a good supply of pavement repair and sealers could come in handy and will make it easier to tackle repairs quickly. Delaying any serious repairs to your parking lot will only upset guests more. The trick is to take care of issues while they only need fast touch-ups so that the pavements continue to look new and clean at all times.

Any vegetation around the property needs to be trimmed, watered, and maintained consistently to help the hotel’s appeal. Trim lengthy sections of vegetation to help your property maintain a fresh and beautiful landscape. This encourages guests to enjoy beautiful strolls around the property. All these details contribute to a guest’s first impression of your hotel. These details also ensure that guests will want to come back and visit again.

Ways to Improve Your Hotel’s Curb Appeal

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