Your patio is the perfect place to relax, have fun, and entertain guests. Therefore, it’s important to choose an exciting, appealing color scheme. Whether you want the mood to look cozy, floral, bright, or tropical, your patio will come together with the right furniture. Much of that starts with choosing the best colors. Read more about how to choose the best color for your patio furniture.

Consider Your Patio’s Size

The first thing to consider when deciding how to choose the best color for your patio furniture is the size and style of your patio. If you have a small patio, dark colors will make it feel even smaller. Opt for color schemes with bright hues to enlarge the space. Large patios are a great opportunity to include more seating areas. However, you should avoid choosing furniture that’s all the same color because it will look monotonous. Instead, choose two or three colors that complement each other and work with the overall theme of your space.

Match Furniture With Patio Material

It’s also important to consider the material your patio is made from, so you can find colors that complement it. If your patio is made of decorative cement, try brown, tan, or dark gray furniture. These colors are popular because they look like stone and bring out the natural designs in the cement. Plus, you can add plenty of brighter accent colors through pillows and other accessories. Although it depends on the stain of the wood, a wood patio often looks best with natural hues or warmer tones, such as forest green or orange and yellow.

Get Inspiration From Accent Pieces

Accent pieces that stand out on a patio may include items such as pillows, vases, umbrellas, tablecloths, and napkins. They can have fun patterns, such as lemons or palm leaves, or they can be a unique color that pops against the rest of the space. In general, if your accent pieces have designs, you want to choose furniture with solid complementary colors, and vice versa. Once you’ve decided on a color scheme, you can purchase new patio furniture or replace the slings and covers on your current items. Sling replacement is the easier, cheaper option. An outdoor chair or outdoor chaise lounge replacement fabric is a great way to make all the colors on your patio pop, especially those in your accent pieces.

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Darin Cook
Darin Cook
Monday May 24th 2021

I liked how you mentioned that you should use dark gray furniture if you have decorative concrete. My wife is wanting to upgrade our patio. I'll tell her that we should get dark gray furniture to go with our concrete.

Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson
Thursday April 29th 2021

That's a good idea to make sure that the concrete matches the furniture. I like the sound of that. I should make sure that I get some new furniture if I get some decorative concrete.

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