There are many aspects of a restaurant are important to drawing in patrons. Having an inviting patio area for dining can be a great way to increase your business and make your restaurant’s name better known. Not only can it boost your restaurant’s ambiance, but it also allows you to seat more patrons—at the end of the day, nothing’s better than getting more people in for a meal. Your patio needs to be a welcoming space, though, for it to work in your favor. The good thing is, it’s not hard or even too expensive to set up quality patio space. Learn here, as we look at some easy ways to upgrade your restaurant’s patio.

Clean the Area Thoroughly

Giving your patio a thorough cleaning consistently is key to creating an inviting space for customers. If your restaurant has a patio that is littered with debris or is just unkept overall, it not only will make patrons avoid your patio, but it could present an image of a poorly maintained place to eat to the public. Make sure the walkways and seating area are clear of any gum or debris. Nobody wants to sit down for an enjoyable meal and get something as gross as gum on the bottom of their shoe. If the patio area has fencing around it, make sure it looks clean. If it is looking like it’s in rough shape, be sure to have it touched up or completely repainted. The next thing to consider is the furniture. You will need to maintain quality chairs and tables. Keeping them clean is key for sanitation and making the furniture last. Patio furniture will be most affected by the elements that it’s exposed to. Make sure to consistently give the tables and chairs a good wiping to get rid of any debris.

Have Appropriate Seating

Having appropriate seating is extremely important for your customers’ patio dining experience. While the cleanliness of the seating is important, so is the type of seating you choose. You will need patio furniture that can withstand the outdoors. However, don’t go with any seating such as wooden picnic tables and bar stools. Not only will these present a sub-par image, but they also are not very comfortable and are rather outdated. The worst thing a business could do is set up a bunch of generic plastic or metal tables and lawn chairs. So, your patio furniture must be able to last in outdoor conditions without forfeiting your patrons’ comfort. The seating should also look attractive. Part of this is done by keeping the pieces clean, as we mentioned above, but it’s also done by choosing attractive furniture and items to add. Keep in mind, these chairs do not have to be expensive and elaborate. If you choose to go with outdoor metal chairs, such as sling patio furniture, you could add attractive seat cushions. Having comfortable seating will add a more inviting look to your patio.

Consider Weather Conditions

Although it is beneficial for any restaurant to have patio seating, it will not always be ideal to dine outside. Since outdoor seating is not always possible, the only harsh condition you will need to consider equipping your patio space for is rain. Consider installing an awning to block seating areas from the rain. While you can also look for large patio umbrellas to place on each table, it might not be the most practical idea. Since awnings are made in various sizes, you might be able to find ones that could cover an entire patio space. This could also make it more practical and comfortable for servers to bring items in and out of the kitchen. All of your possibilities depend, though, on the size of your patio area. This coverage is not only important for your patrons, but it will also help to keep your furniture in better shape. Also, for when it’s colder but not quite winter, it can be a nice touch to invest in an outdoor heater. This can create a wonderful outdoor environment for seasons like autumn, while still having the cozy temperature of the indoors.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere

Giving your patio a unique and inviting atmosphere is one of the most vital but easy ways to upgrade your restaurant’s patio. Start off by deciding on the lighting you want. Different lighting can create many atmospheres. First off, make sure every corner of the patio space is properly lit. Once the sun goes down, it’s important to still have the area illuminated for customers to see well and be able to take pictures. You can choose to go with lighting of a soft nature which will feel inviting to guests at any time of day. Or, you can hang up some LED string lights to enhance the feeling of an evening under the stars. Lamp posts are another great option to add to your patio. The next detail to consider about your patio’s ambiance is the décor and design of your space—both of these factors are just as important as your restaurant’s interior design. Along with your restaurant’s patio looking inviting to the customer, you will want the design and décor to go together. It is best to have the patio reflect the theme that the rest of the restaurant has. Essentially, it should evoke your brand and story. Also, think about the kind of crowd your restaurant attracts or that you want it to attract. This will impact how you set up the space. For instance, if your restaurant caters to a younger crowd, look into including comfy couches and coffee tables for a more social atmosphere. If your restaurant will have a lot of traffic throughout each night, smaller, café-styled furniture—such as sling patio furniture—might be better.

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