Sling chairs have become one of the most popular options for patio furniture. One of the great benefits of sling patio chairs is, once the sling fabric wears out after several years, you can order replacements. This saves you from spending a ton of money on a whole new chair. To order the correct replacement, though, you will need to take accurate measurements. Read below for some tips for measuring slings to order replacements.

Measure Your Existing Chair

The best place to start is by measuring your current chair since, when you’re replacing the fabric, you will be using the same chair frame anyway. You will want a few simple tools, such as a cloth measuring tape, some paper, and a pen to write down your measurements. With the chair sitting upright, measure the width starting about five inches down from the top of the chair rail. Next, measure the width at the bottom edge of the chair seat. These two measurements will be the top and bottom widths you’ll need when you order your sling fabric replacement.

Measure the Length and Screws

When you are ready to get the length, start by measuring the chair’s length from the chair back down to the seat’s edge. Be sure that the cloth tape rests along the bend of the chair rail and doesn’t move out of position. One last important measurement you’ll need is the distance between the screw holes that hold the chair frame together. The best way to take this is to turn the chair upside down. Measure along the outside edge of the chair, recording the distance between the chair back’s top edge down to the first screw. Finish by measuring from the top edge to each screw.

Take Apart Chair Frame and Remeasure

One of the last tips for measuring slings to order replacements involves taking the chair apart. For this task, you’ll need a screwdriver and a socket wrench to remove each screw. It is best to put all screws, nuts, and bolts in a jar or bowl so that you know where they are when you go to reassemble the chair. It might also be helpful to use a system to mark the bars so that you know which ones are the top, middle, and bottom ones. Taking pictures as you take each area apart can provide you a reference when you’re putting it back together. Now you will get the measurements of the rods that hold the fabric, keeping it taught. Once you have all these measurements, you can apply them to order the correct size sling fabric for your chairs.

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