The fabric on your patio umbrella becomes worn and faded over time, but the umbrella itself often stays in good condition. Replace the fabric on your umbrella with something new; it’s a cheap and easy alternative. Plus, it will instantly improve your patio’s appearance. If you want to replace your umbrella sling, then read these tips for choosing new umbrella fabric.

Choose the Style You Want

Whether you are trying a new style for your patio or sticking with your usual one, it’s important that your sling fabric umbrella matches that design. There are sling fabrics with various patterns or solid colors that can really bring your patio together. For a natural look, try woven fabrics that look like wicker or rattan. Choosing your umbrella design starts with assessing your current color scheme and deciding on patterns or textures.

Consider the Weather Conditions

When buying a new sling fabric for your umbrella, you should consider the weather in your area. As with most outdoor umbrellas, yours will receive a lot of sunlight, so buy a fabric that can resist fading as long as possible. Opt for heavy-weight canvas, acrylic, or olefin for long-lasting color. Be sure to avoid cotton or linen. If you live in an area with a lot of rain, choose a mesh fabric like one made from 100% vinyl-coated polyester. It can help prevent mildew and staining from moisture. The PVC-coated polyester yarn is also durable against harsh winds.

Take Proper Measurements

One of the most significant tips for choosing new umbrella fabric is to take proper measurements. Certain fabrics are best for certain sizes, and you want to avoid having to order a new sling if it’s the wrong one. Umbrella slings are often sold in two sizes: 7 or 9 feet wide. To measure your current umbrella, open the umbrella until it is fully extended. Using a tape measurer, measure the distance from the inside, straight along one of the rib arms, to the outer edge. Multiply that number by two for the final measurement.

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