It’s that time of year, and winter is rolling around again, which means you need to start thinking about how you’re going to store your patio furniture until the spring. While storing patio furniture may seem simple, there are several things you should be aware of, depending on the type of patio furniture you have. Learn more as we look at how to properly store your patio furniture for winter.

Plastic Furniture

When you’re preparing to store any plastic patio furniture for the winter, its important to store it indoors. Whether in a garage or a shed, you will want to keep anything plastic out of the cold elements. Most plastic outdoor furniture will become brittle in the cold weather and will start to crack. This is because plastic does not absorb moisture. Even if you are storing your plastic furniture indoors, you need to make sure the temperatures don’t drop below freezing. Also, give each piece of furniture a good wash with a detergent and rinse it well before storing it away.

Wood Furniture

One of the most important things regarding outdoor wooden furniture is to ensure it has a proper protective sealant that will protect it from moisture. In cold temperatures, wood will absorb moisture and freeze, causing it to crack. Simply covering the furniture will not provide proper protection, as it can still absorb moisture in the air. First, seal the furniture, then cover it. Even if your wood patio furniture is painted, you cannot just leave it alone. Give the piece a fresh coat of paint to add an extra layer of protection. Also, remember to give it a good washing with detergent and bleach. Keeping the items indoors is a good option if you have the space.

Metal Furniture

Any kind of metal furniture will rust badly if left out in the snow. Rust will eventually build up and weaken the metal, making it more likely to break and be ruined. It’s best to store any metal furniture indoors, as this is a standard part of how to properly store your patio furniture for winter. But, before this, you should make sure to treat the metal with a primer that neutralizes rust. There is also sling fabric patio furniture that uses aluminum frames. While you can treat the aluminum frame the same way, you need to care for the sling fabric in a specific manner. Rinse the sling fabric with water and cleaning solution, then wipe it down. Cleaning the sling will help prolong the quality of the fabric. Soak the fabric longer if there is any mildew. Rinse the sling well and let it dry. If it’s in bad enough shape, you can order an outdoor chair replacement sling that will ensure you’re well prepared for the next warm season.

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Thomas Clarence
Thomas Clarence
Wednesday September 15th 2021

I found it helpful when you mentioned that metal furniture will rust if you leave it outside in the snow. My wife and I are wanting to get a metal swinging chair for our deck that is being constructed on the back of our home. It seems like it would be a good idea for us to clear out some space in our garage so that we can place the chair inside once snow starts to fall.

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