If you own sling patio furniture, then you know that one of the major benefits it has to offer is replacing the sling fabric once it wears out. The removal process of old slings isn’t difficult, it just takes the proper guidance to make sure you’re doing it right. To learn how to remove the fabric on a sling chair, read below.

Step 1: Remove Caps from Sling Rails

The ends of a sling fabric chair frame have caps on them that need to be removed so you can take off the rods that hold the sling fabric. Make sure to remove these carefully so the finish doesn’t get scratched. Using a hammer or a flat-head screwdriver can also help you easily remove them.

Step 2: Remove the Bolts

Most sling patio furniture companies use a 1/4” x 20 thread bolt. You can use a head socket measurement of 7/16” or 3/16” to help remove the bolts. Use a ratchet to loosen them, and a drill socket for the removal.

Step 3: Take the Support Bars Out

Some sling patio chairs are designed with support bars as part of the frame. When you’re working straight support bars, you’re best off using a stretching screw clamp which can push the sling rails apart for easy removal. If you’re dealing with curved support bars, pull up on the middle of the bar while pressing on the end of the bar towards the sling rail. (You can choose which end to press.)

Step 4: Remove Your Old Sling

Removing the old sling fabric from the frame shouldn’t be difficult. Pull the sling through the sling rail, and if you need to use a pair of pliers, do so. You can also cut the sling fabric down the middle to speed up the removal. The only reason you should not do this is if you intend to use its pattern for a new one.

Step 5: Install Your New Sling

Slip the sling through the sling pockets on both sides of the chair frame. Maneuver it into the first sling rail by starting at the top and slide it to the end of the rail. The sling rail can then be detached and you can repeat the process with the other sling rail.

Step 6: Reassemble and Finish

You have nearly completed learning how to remove the fabric on a sling chair. Use your drill socket to put the bolts back in place. If it has support bars, once it has been put back into place, it may need a good tap with a mallet to help set it. Replace your caps, and you’re finished.

If you’re looking for sling chair replacement fabric, look into Sling Fabs Replacement Slings. Here you will find sling fabrics of the highest quality, fit for all types of chairs.

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