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Love Seat Sling 4 Piece

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Up Curve or Down Curve +$12.50
Headrest Pillow x 2 +$90.00
Padded Sling +$178.00
Expedite Product +$20.70
Curved Back Measure Padded Cushion Headrest Pillow 1 Piece Chaise Notch

Best Fabrics, Threads, Construction, 100% American Made, Lifetime Warranty

Particularly luxurious you may consider adding padding or a matching padded rug for under your feet! Also available in matching fabrics are two attached headrest pillows, a 7' or a 9' heavy duty umbrella, placemats in various shapes such as rectangle, square, round or oval. For your pets we offer matching cat or dog feeding mats in the shape of a fish or a Dog bone. They are particularly cute. If you want to go all out you can even order a matching dog or cat beds in 3 different sizes. They are fully waterproof and extremely easy to clean and they will last for many years to come!

SlingFabs uses only the finest materials and construction techniques to bring you the longest lasting, best wearing replacement slings available in the industry today. Look closely at our offering. Compare us to any other manufacturer and you will find that "WE USE ONLY THE BEST BUT CHARGE LIKE THE REST".  Check out our other products! You can get matching umbrellas, matching placemats, matching table runners and matching rugs! Coming soon matching dog beds in 3 different sizes. Call to order now. All of our products made right here in America with loving care and attention to detail. You simply can not buy a better product and we back it with a lifetime warranty.

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We provide a very fast turnaround time, typically 2-3 weeks. We ship via UPS. The shipping charges are computed once you make your selection and enter your address during the checkout process. You will be informed of the shipping before you enter your credit card information.

Return Information

We want you to be happy but we realize that occasionally you do not get the product you originally intended. Because all our products are custom-made-to-order this can sometimes be very difficult. However regardless of whose fault a mistake may be we want to make it right for you. If the mistake is ours will make it a priority to quickly resolve it at our expense. If the mistake is yours, please contact us to see how we can work together to minimize the cost to repair.

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